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Orocan Koolit Ice Cooler Box 8 Liters (Red)

Categories: Outdoor
Tags: Outdoor Cooler


•Easy to flip cover  
•Convenient ribbed and hide away handle
•Foam insulated
•Made from high-grade plastic material
•Extremely portable plastic storage products.
•30cm x 27cm x 24cm
•It’s effective, durable, and reliable.
•The hardiest of plastic compounds that make it all the more shock and crush resistant.
•A cooler won’t be much of a cooler if it didn’t—well—keep stuff cool.
•Using special foam insulation nestled within the walls of the cooler
•Able to keep ice from melting and any cold drinks you store in it from going warm.
•It comes with a convenient ribbed handle to make it easy to carry around.